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Take your time to construct your perfect Paper Flower Shadow Box with these 6 simple steps:

1. Series: a.Solid Color, b.Ombre, c.Initial, d.Assorted

2. Size: A4 or 8"

3. Frame color: Black, White

4. Vinyl Color: Black, Gold, Silver, White

(See Vinyl Digram)

5. Font Type

(See Font Digram)

6. Colours

(See Colour Diagram)

Vinyl Diagram

Vinyl color.png





Font Diagram


Font 1:

Font 2:

Font 4:

Font 5:

Font 6:

Font 3:

Colour Diagram

color group 1.png

Grey & Brown Series

Yellow Series

Green Series

Blue Series

Purple Series

Pink Series

Color Group 2.png

Red Series

Grey, Buff, Peach, Orange

Deep Yellow, Bright Yellow, Yellow, Fresh Yellow

Deep Green, Bright Green, Green, Fresh Green

Aqua Blue, Sky Blue, Deep Blue

Lilac, Purple

Cosmos Pink, Light Pink, Pink, Salmon